Current Issue

Issue number six gives the reader a glimpse into the modern world of dreampop, spacerock, electroambient and beyond. Within the pages, you’ll find articles and interviews featuring up-and-coming bands likePaik, Tex La Homa, Hinterland and more established artists such asJessica Bailiff, Air Formation and Portal.


There’s also the first in a series of columns, written by Phil Salathe, about Outsider Music, and another episode in the Remote Sensing series. Packed full of reviews, interviews and articles as well as great artwork, Masstransfer is leading the way in the movement of sound information.

The companion CD compilation showcases some of the bands you all know and love, and some you might be hearing for the first time. Includes tracks by: Tex La Homa, Hinterland, Ai Phoenix, Füxa, Portal, Jessica Bailiff, Coastal, Lorna, Morning Recordings, The Static Silence, Salvatore and Marconi Union. All promise an amazing listening experience.

Posted by: Shirley Bailey on Category: Music News